As a spatial and interaction designer, I strive to create experiences sparking curiosity, exploration and movement. My work sits at the intersection between humans and environments, physical and digital, textures and motions, sensuality and systems. I provoke interactions between people, places and/or brands.
Who I am.  Curious human being coming from La Réunion (french island in the Indian Ocean), I have  7+ years experience in design, supported by 8 years of design studies ended by an M.Arch in Design for Performance and Interaction (with Distinction) from the Bartlett, UCL, London. I am passionate about human's perception, cognition, emotions, and social behaviours. I find empathy and systemic thinking to be my favourite creative tools. Once a flight attendant, I can’t resist a sunrise in nature nor a groovy beat.

What I do.  The two intertwined pillars of my work are interaction and spatial design. On one hand, I explore interactions between people and environments through the design of physical and virtual immersive experiences. My latest piece, (un)Balance, was exhibited at Ars Electronica festival, Austria. On the other, I translate ideas, cultures and brands into combinations of interiors, large scale installations and environment graphics. My latest role was lead designer at Acrylicize, London based art & design studio. Today, I am looking at further layering those two practices to envision new everyday interactions with emotional health and social equality in mind.

How I do it.  The highlights of my skillset are user/brand research and analyses, conceptualisation, prototyping, motion design and video editing. I also come in pretty handy when it comes to 3D design and visualisation, VR, production management and client interaction.

With and for whom.  Acrylicize, Ars Electronica, Burning Man, Gensler, HKS Architects, Interactive Architecture Lab, Microsoft, Tia Hockey (New movement dance company), NHS, Peldon Rose, Tableau Software, Wembley Park, XTX Markets.
2017-2018 _ Master in Architecture, Design for Performance and Interaction,   Distinction (76%). Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London, UK.
2009-2012 _ BA in Interior and Spatial Design, First Honour Class (86%). Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK.
2006-2009 _ BTS in Event and Visual Communication Design. Ecole Boulle, Institute of Art and Design, Paris, FR.
2005-2006 _ Mise a Niveau Arts Appliques. Lycee Ambroise Vollard, Reunion Island.
2004-2005 _ English European BAC in Economics, Mention: Bien (83%). Lycee Bellepierre, Reunion Island.
2019 _ (Un)Balance @ Ars Electronica Festival, Selected in best animation works of 2019. Linz,  AU.
2019 _ (Un)Balance @ Best of Interactive Architecture Lab 2018. London, UK.
2018 _ (Un)Balance @ Ars Electronica Festival. Linz, AU.
2015 _ SoundScope @ 50 Years Anniversary of Chelsea College of Art and Design. London, UK.
2015 _ Soundscope @ Londonewcastle Project Gallery. London, UK.
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