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Change-Makers is an ongoing project looking at designing tools and experiences to engage teenagers into the creation of more sustainable futures.
Context _ Project part of Anonymous Lobster collective initiatives. Completion: On-Going. Collaborators:: Christine Wurth, Ahrian Taylor, Martina Fatato. 
Role _ Creative direction: UX research, creative workshops facilitation, leading of design team from ideation to user testing, video editing.
Tools _ Mural, Figma, Anima, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects.
Why? The vast majority of european teens feel concerned by societal and environmental questions and would like to help build more sustainable futures.  There is a growing awareness and sense of urgency around the topic coupled with a significant interest to get involved. While there are countless causes and many initiatives and paths to get involved, few seem to take action beyond posting on social media.
What?  As a collective of interaction, experience and service designers,  Anonymous Lobster aims at creating tools and experiences for young people to be better supported in becoming an empowered tribe of change makers towards more sustainable futures. Change-makers is a compilation of the collective’s initial steps towards this goal.
How?  The collective organised a series of 3 design sprints looking at identifying the barriers separating wannabe teen change-makers from actual long and short term actions and possible interventions to bridge them. We did so through a series of users and experts interviews, online questionnaires and quick prototypes building and testing. These protoytpes ranged from  ‘change-making workshops’ to an ‘action engine’ phone app, passing by the ‘Co-Hack’ AR app.
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